Dark Beauty (February 2015)

In a music scene where cookie cutter performers claim to be unique, Dark Beauty combines elements of dance, rock, opera, theater and world music into a true one-of-a-kind experience. The band’s classically influenced gothic alternative progressive rock gives fans a way to stretch their ears and experience styles and mixtures of music that they’ve never heard before.

10685585_756836807714578_2923419843117990384_nLead Vocalist and Songwriter Liz Tapia began this journey back in 2009 when she wrote and recorded the first song from the project “Save Yourself.” The song mixed a Middle Eastern beat with Santana-esque guitars, gothic lyrics and a soaring melody, beseeching a lover to turn away before it was too late. The song became instantly popular with fans of many musical styles, leading her to pursue the project and its main character on a grander scale.

Dark Beauty has since become a concept album depicting the tragic tale of the Dark Angel, and her tragic tale fall from grace. Banished from heaven she is pulled down from grace above, falling deep into the woods of the dark primeval forest. With a broken wing she now rules an old abandoned castle, containing secret passages, hidden staircases, and ruined sections.

dark-beauty-logoLiz is a lyric coloratura soprano, whose smooth, warm, versatile voice adds infinite textures to the epic music she writes and performs. Her background in acting, film and musical theater all affect the musical scope and cinematic feel of her work. As complex as the music is, Liz knew the band would require the highest level of musicians possible to fulfill the full potential of her project!

Bryan Zeigler was the first member to join the Dark Beauty team as lead guitarist and co-writer. His years of experience with a multitude of progressive rock bands, as well as knowledge of the music business and arrangement skills were a perfect match. Soon after came the musical talents and versatility of master Drummer/Percussionist Dan Granda, who added a perfect combination of strength and finesse needed to stylize the epic story.

Gary Perkinson joined on bass, lending his classical skills, super easy going personality and wonderful musicianship, to anchor the band with Dan. Our newest band-member is keyboardist Warren Helms, an accomplished pianist who brings his masterful skills, beautiful classical tones, and wonderful talents into Dark Beauty’s musical epic story!

Dark Beauty is currently getting airplay by several stations hitting high marks on all charts and growing rapidly.



  • 2014 Fall From Grace

Line up

Liz Tapia – Lead Vocalist/Songwriter/Founder
Bryan Zeigler – Lead Guitarist
Warren Helms – Keyboardist
Gary Perkinson – Bass
Dan Granda – Drums/Percussion



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Dark Beauty

It is truly an honor for Dark Beauty to win this award and we want to thank all the fans who voted for us, and for their outstanding loyalty! <3 Thrilled to be featured on your page and thank you again WOM for supporting our music!

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