Theatrum Mundi (February 2014)

Theatrum Mundi
Theatrum Mundi From Left to right: Anthony Saitta, Li’anne Drysdale, B.J. DeClue, Christy Campbell, Michael Gould, Gina Ronat

Theatrum Mundi is a female-fronted symphonic metal band from Springfield, MO, who have forged an identity best described as Elizabethan Punk. Their music takes you back to the world of England’s Queen Elizabeth I, a time when Shakespeare was composing sonnets, opera was first heard, and the Spanish Inquisition was terrorizing with ruthless efficiency. All that, plus metal guitars.

Guitarist Michael Ray Gould and keyboardist Li’Anne Drysdale formed the first incarnation of the band in the 90s with metal guitarist Todd Easton, when they released the locally-distributed, self-produced album Storm at Sea. College intervened, and afterwards Mike and Li’Anne met Gina Ronat and Jim Brooks and formed the progressive rock band Rubber Universe. They released the 2008 album Parliament of Fooles featuring members of the Alan Parsons Project. Geography intervened, as some members of the band lived several hours apart.

In late 2008, Mike, Li’Anne, Gina, and Jim formed Theatrum Mundi after recruiting bass-guitar teacher and PA-system engineer B.J. DeClue and drummer Anthony Saitta, who had been a DJ mixing electronic beats. Classically-trained vocalist Christy Campbell, the last recruit, had been working as a singer in Branson.

After honing their songs live, Theatrum Mundi released The Eyes of the Realm in 2013, which featured many songs from their 90s symphonic metal album Storm at Sea, this time given proper production.

Eyes of the realm

Theatrum Mundi was invited to play the Gillioz Theater for an exhibit of the works of famed psychedelic poster-art pioneer Wes Wilson, and many other venues in the Springfield, MO region, including the downtown Sounds on the Square series, and various local restaurants and was a regular fixture at Borders’ music series. The band kicked off its first live show since the release of “The Eyes of the Realm” at the Blue Room at Billiards in Springfield, where they introduced fans to a new rock opera, How To Host A Spanish Inquisition, complete with sets, costumes, acting, and several new songs.

Theatrum Mundi Castle800x600

Stacey Elizabeth Luehrs – vocals
Gina Ronat – vocals, flute, percussion
Christy Campbell – vocals
Michael Ray Gould – guitar, mandolin, vocals, production,composer
Li’Anne Drysdale – keys, production, composer
B.J. DeClue – bass
Caleb Rust – drums, djembe
Anthony Saitta – drums

Jim Brooks – production, mixing
Jon Herbert – story, director

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