Stark featuring Leeja Stark (September 2013)

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Leeja Stark

Leeja Stark is a girl who as a child, was a dreamer. She saw life as a playground and danced along its fields full of radiance. Her dreams seemed reality when she fell in love and left her simple world for one that promised to be lavish and adventurous.

Sadly her love was not who she believed. And Stark became a prisoner of love held captive for 7 years. Deprived of freedom Leeja was warped of her true being and quickly fell slave to her loves every beck and call.

One night she woke up crying. She had dreamt of a girl, she was alive and beautiful, her smile and her joy so familiar. She knew it was time, time to find a way out, to be saved.

freeā€¦..finally free… tell her story….

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