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Mousai March 2013 Band of the Month

Mousai is The Women of Metal band of the month for March 2013

Mousai is The Women of Metal band of the month for March 2013

THE MOUSAI (Muses) were the goddesses of music, song and dance, and the source of inspiration to poets. They were also goddesses of knowledge, who remembered all things that had come to pass. Later the Mousai were assigned specific artistic spheres: Kalliope, epic poetry; Kleio, history; Ourania, astronomy; Thaleia, comedy; Melpomene, tragedy; Polyhymnia, religious hymns; Erato, erotic poetry; Euterpe, lyric poetry; and Terpsikhore, choral song and dance.

In ancient Greek vase painting the Mousai were depicted as beautiful young women with a variety of musical intruments. In later art each of the nine was assigned her own distinctive attribute.

There were two alternative sets of Muses: the three or four Mousai Titanides and the three Mousai Apollonides.

Mousai is an original Rock/Melodic Metal/Progressive Rock/Alternative 6 piece band with influences from Europe.


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