November 2016 Women of Metal Band of the Month Candidates!

We are proud to present the Women of Metal and Women of Metal Radio Show Band of the Month Candidates for November 2016, they are in NO particular order Savage Master, Fox 45, Electric Citizen, Stars That Move, AFTERMOON, Scarblade, Shadowrise, Misfolded, Unnature Brasil, Veil of Mist and Elysian Gates

Remember you can vote once daily for your favorite until November 4th 11:59 p Central time (USA).
The Winner will be announced during the Women of Metal Radio Show on Insane Realm Radio on the November 5th show.

Savage Mastersavage-master

From the very depths of hell and darkness, the wicked warriors of SAVAGE MASTER return with their new album “With Whips And Chains”. Two years after releasing their debut titled “Mask Of The Devil”, which has been promoted on two full US tours and on several festival stages, Stacey Savage and her hooded henchmen are back with a new Occult Heavy Metal opus, that takes you far beyond the promise of their first album, into a world of hellfire and horses, burning witches and spirits of the damned. Listen as Kentucky’s True Metal cultists Savage Master rip through their second offering, 10 new songs of satanic fury and bloodstains. Not for the faint of heart!

On “With Whips And Chains”, the Metal tyrant Stacey Savage returns with the crack of the Devil’s whip, claiming her rightful throne with her signature sensual devils screech, and backed by blistering Classic Heavy Metal riffs played by masked brutes spawned from the loins of Lucifer himself.


Fox 45

fox-45The band started gigging May 2013 and immediately got attention for the depth of influence it drew upon. Folks no doubt expected to hear Bikini Kill and L7 — you know, Riot Grrrl stuff — and they got it. But they also got Mountain, Uriah Heap, The Cramps, and Black Sabbath. The band says it’s stoner rock, but honestly that’s just the tip. There’s a whole lot of rock ‘n’ roll seeping out of Fox 45


Electric Citizen

electric-citizenAfter bursting to the American heavy rock forefront with their 2014 debut album, Sateen, Cincinnati four-piece Electric Citizen are ready for a Higher Time. Their second album for RidingEasy, it is a breakout moment for the band as a whole and for vocalist Laura Dolan, who stands tall in the spotlight throughout “Evil,” “Misery Keeper” and the rest of Higher Time, rising to the occasion of a fuller, bigger sound and meeting the memorable riffing of husband/guitarist Ross Dolan head on with already-stuck-in-your-head hooks and a fiery, passionate delivery.


Stars That Move

stars-that-moveA debut release of coherent aesthetic that brims with promise, melodic sweetness and classic fuzz boogie filtered through hazy garage modernism, Stars that Move‘s Demo Songs brings together drummer Frank Sikes and guitarist Richard Bennett of Starchild with vocalist Elisa Maria, and the presence and swing they capture on these songs is not to be discounted because it’s a demo. Opener “I Hold a Gaze” seems to ooze out with slower Uncle Acid buzz, but Maria‘s vocals change the vibe entirely, and through the irrefutably heavy nod of “The Blue Prince” and the ethereal shuffle of “She that Rules the King,” she maintains a hold on the material that is transfixing.



aftermoonAFTERMOON is a modern metal band from Kiev, Ukraine. We`ve started our musical way in 2012. Since the band’s formation, AFTERMOON has played more than 35 shows in the biggest Ukrainian cities.

We explore different genres in our music, such as modern metal, alternative rock and crossover. Symbiosis of different styles: we combine melodic vocals and piano with hard guitar riffs and intense rhythm section, use classical techniques and the variety of modern sound to create a unique mix that exists on the border of various musical genres. This allows AFTERMOON find listeners with different musical preferences, both extreme metal and soft rock fans.



scarbladeSCARBLADE is a Greek female fronted Heavy Metal band, founded in May of 2012 in Athens, as RUTHLESS STEEL. Their debut EP titled “Die in the Night” came out in 2013, and included 4 tracks that can be labeled as traditional Heavy Metal, inspired by such classic acts as Judas Priest, Warlock, Riot or Accept.



shadowriseFrom Eindhoven, the metal capital of the Netherlands, Shadowrise is born; a Symphonic Power Metal band inspired by heavy Melo-Death. With their energetic live performanceand epic atmosphere, Shadowrise will lead you straight to the world of Shadow Island.

Taking inspiration from a wide variety of bands like Wintersun,Keep of Kalessin and Symphony X, the band was able to create its own sound. A melodic yet heavy approach to the Power Metal genre, with catchy melodies, powerful clean vocals and grunts, blastbeats and a load of neo-classical influencesaccompanied by a beautiful orchestra.



misfolded2The band was founded in May 2013 by two frontwomen and vocalists Jana Oltová and Jana Kopecká, and guitarist Honza Zíka. Although originally intended as a semi-acoustic project, Misfolded soon transformed into a fully-fledged hardrock band that was strongly inspired by metal and hardcore. Soon, it became clear to some of the members that Misfolded turned into a meaningful project that required a lot of effort and endurance of all the people involved, which led to rather drastic personal changes and it took more than a year to make the band stable at the personal level.



unnatureUnnature is a Power Metal band from Rio de Janerio, Brazil.  The band came together in 2014 when singer Carina (Nina) Pontes and guitarist Rafael Luís decided to create a heavy sound with some strong female vocals from Nina. They starting composing some songs (one of those compositions was the sone  Death`s commander which is on their debut album) and searching for other band members.  Guitarist Ricardo Mariani joined the band near the end of 2014.  Drummer Renato Larsen joined in 2015.  The band started working on new songs, giving birth to their debut album “Synthetic Nature”. Bassist Thiago Amorim soon joined up and the band was complete.  In May 2016 the band released their debut album “Synthetic Nature.


Veil of Mist

veil-of-mistVeil of Mist was founded in October 2004 in Reims (North-Eastern France). At the origin of the band forming is the long-standing collaboration between Frederic (guitar) and Jean-Baptiste (bass), which started in the band Dereliction in 1999 but when that band split up in 2001, nothing concrete could be done until they met Gautier (drums). Then the band started to rehearse during the fall 2004 with a female singer and a second guitarist who left the band a few months later.


Elysian Gates

elysian-gatesAfter extensive writing sessions, Elysian Gates finally recorded their first studio album “Destination Unknown“ in 2013.

In 2014, the band considered to start a new chapter as a female fronted band.

The extended, almost 14 min. long single ‘Seven Angels’, got re-recorded. It got released, both as the extended and in a shorter radio-edit version which reached within few hours the pool position in the local iTunes rock charts.

End of November 2014 the band released their project “Northern Winds” in collaboration with Sea Shepherd. The single instantly hit number one in the top 20 iTunes charts all genres.

The video released with the single had been viewed over 12 000 times after only three months.

At the very beginning of 2015, Noemie Leer, former ‘Rude Revelation’ vocalist, took over the singers’ duties.

Right now, the band is working on their second album and performing live gigs.

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