Women of Metal on IRR (5-16-15)

WoM-Aria-FlameThis weeks Women of Metal Radio Show on Saturday 5/16/2015 will feature music from our May 2015 Band of the Month Caducus, Nightwish,Lady Beast- Heavy Metal, Writing off Tomorrow, Theatrum Mundi, Elysion,Leeja Stark Band and many others.

Plus we will be featuring an interview with Aziza Poggi and Erik Sales from our April 2015 Band of the Month Aria Flame

Plus Kent and Jayson will be spotlighting Jaded Star Official, Highway 4,Enemy Of Reality Official and Dreamgrave

Women of Metal Interviews – Gaby Koss (Diskelion)

JAYSON: Why don’t you take a moment to give the reader a little history about Diskelion

GABY: I always wanted to do a Solo-vocal project and when Tom sent me his song and I did the Demo, I asked him if he would like to write more songs for me for a CD. He agreed and as I invented the name Diskelion for another double female fronted metal project of mine but took another one I decided to take this name for my symphonic metal band project. Tom also liked the name and he started working on songs. During recording I actually changed for short my mind to do a double female fronted band but as the singer I chose right in the first days/weeks turned out to be very demanding and critzising and I heared rumours behind my back of things she insultingly told of me, I right away had the feeling that it wont be a very harmonic relation and teamwork, so I decided again to make it my Solo project. Continue reading Women of Metal Interviews – Gaby Koss (Diskelion)