Women of Metal Interviews – Aline Happ (Lyria)

The following interview is with Aline Happ, Singer and founding member of Lyria a Symphonic Metal Band from Brazil.

aline happ lyriaQ. Why don’t you take a moment to give the reader a little history about Lyria.

Aline: Hi! Thank you for the interview. I’ve always wanted to have a professional band. I used to have some bands in the past, but they were not professional, so I founded Lyria in 2012. In 2013, Eliezer and Zig joined Lyria. Eliezer discovered the band on facebook and messaged me; Zig was an indication of a friend of mine that was playing guitar for Lyria at that moment. So in 2014 we recorded and released our first album, named Catharsis, and now we are promoting it. Hope you that is reading here like our music!

Q. How would you describe Lyria’s sound?

Aline: As Symphonic Alternative Metal. We mixed a lot of different kinds of metal and different influences in our sound, from thrash metal to celtic music. At the end we feel like we have our own style.

Q. It’s been a few months since Catharsis came out. How would you say it’s been received by the listener?

Aline: People have given us awesome feedbacks. They identify themselves in the lyrics and are touched by the melodies, so this is very grateful to us. We are also listed in some TOP albums from 2014 and this is awesome!

Q. Let’s go back to the recording process, what was that like?

Aline: It was very crazy. For one entire week we went to our producer’s house because he didn’t have much time to record. So some melodies were created in his studio in the afternoon and recorded on the next day. Haha. Our lunch was only sfihas and something to drink… but all the effort was worth it.

Q. On a personal note, Who are some of your personal influences?

Aline: Nightwish with Tarja, After Forever, Evanescence, Epica, Sarah Brightman, Metallica and many more.

Q. What made you decide to put together a Symphonic Metal Band?

Aline: I’ve always liked to sing, but it was more like a hobby. I founded Lyria in 2012 and at some point I felt that it was what I would like to do for life. So I put my heart in the project and decided to follow my dream.

Q. What does the future hold for Lyria?

Aline: We expect good things for sure. We are very new and undiscovered yet. In Brazil it is very hard, but we are trying to get some space. We will keep our hard working and I hope that we can conquer the world. Haha
There is a long path to go, but we’ve already climbed some steps.

Q. Upcoming shows?

Aline: At the moment only in Brazil. We are running after some concerts abroad, but nothing concrete yet. It is kind expensive. Who knows, if we receive some good invitations.


  • Thiago Zig Bass (2012-present)
  • Eliezer Andre Drums (2012-present)
  • Aline Happ Vocals (lead) (2012-present)



Lyria Catharisis
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