WoM Band of The Month Candidates December 2014

WoM Band of The Month Candidates December 2014

From Light Rose The Angels


Created by composer Janne Tamminen, FLRTA dawns upon the symphonic landscape with deceptively accessible songs written by himself and serial multi-tasker singer/songwriter VK Lynne, who fronts the band.

Songs came together as quickly as the lineup. From incredibly disparate backgrounds, a common bond was forged when fellow Finn and Warped Tour alum Arno Nurmisto assumed the bass role, Andrew Faust returned from touring Japan to strap on a lead guitar, and Justin Lee Dixon of Midwestern metal band Dendura took the drum throne. FLRTA is based in Los Angeles, California.

FLRTA blends different musical styles, and different cultural traditions, to create a sound that is at once unique, yet familiar. Rock, symphonic metal, blues and pop are mixed to epic effect. It’s difficult to categorize… or forget.

Now their tales will be told. Now the secrets unearthed, on the grandest of scales. As the troubadours collect in the shadows, they will begin to reveal how From Light Rose the Angels..

FLRTA are:

  • VK Lynne- vox
  • Janne Tamminen- guitar/keyboards
  • Andrew Faust- guitar/vox
  • Arno Nurmisto- bass
  • Justin Lee Dixon- drums



Mongrel from Eastern Massachusetts are a metal- and hard-rock-influenced punk band formed in 2003, with vocalist Jessica Sierra, guitarist Adam Savage, bassist Rev, and drummer Dave K currently making up the band’s lineup. Mongrel has toured extensively throughout the U.S., sharing stages with metal and punk legends such as Fear, The Misfits, GWAR, Korn, GWAR, Sepultura, Otep, Fu Manchu, Blitzkid, Dizzy Reed (Guns N’ Roses), The Exploited, and Prong. Their album Fear, Lies, and Propaganda was re-released in 2008 on Screaming Ferret Records. In 2009 the Revenge ep was released on Immolation Records. During 2010 Mongrel parted ways with their long time male singer and were joined by new vocalist Jessica Sierra with whom the band recorded and released the ep The New Breed of Old School in September 2010, the ep Declamation in May 2011, and the full length album Reclamation anticipated in the summer of 2011

Website: http://www.MongrelBand.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mongrelband

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mongrelband

ReverbNation: http://www.reverbnation.com/mongrelband

Bandcamp: http://mongrel.bandcamp.com

Mongrel Are:

  • Adam Savage – guitar
  • Jessica Sierra – vocals
  • Michael Ariza – bass
  • Mike “Hoagie” Hogan – drums

Rising Core

Rising Core

Rising Core was formed in 2013. Most of its members come from the progressive metal band Bartok (2000-2012). Three cd’s were produced receiving good reviews for the specialized press and performing gigs in venues like “Luz de Gas”, “Apolo”, “KGB”, etc…

Rising Core project begins with the production of the CD “Rise” which saw the light in 2014. Ten songs combining heavy rythm with feeling melodies, surrounded harmonies with emotives solos, fast and aggressive vocals with soft and sweet chorus. “Rise” is being well received in countries like Japan, Canada, USA and Mexico. In February 2014 Rising Core published their first music video from the song “Tied hands”

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/risingcore

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RisingCoreBand

Bandcamp: https://risingcore.bandcamp.com/

Rising Core Are:

  • Veronica Galindo -Vocals
  • Juan Martin “JG6” -Guitars
  • Nestor Morente -Drums
  • Dani Campos -Keyboards
  • Marc Ricos -Bass



In September 2010, Kalidia was born by an idea of Nicoletta (voice), Federico (guitar), Alessandro (drums) and Nicola (keyboards).

In April 2012, Roberto (bass) joins the band.

At the end of April 2012, Kalidia started to record its first 4 tracks at Eden Studios (PI) with Alessio Lucatti (Vision Divine, Etherna); the EP “Dance of the Four Winds” was released in November 2012 and received very good reviews from all over the world.

In 2012/13 Kalidia shared the stage with famous musicians as Vision Divine, DGM, Timo Tolkki, Ethernet, Fabio Lionel and Saints or Sinners (Roberto Tiranti, Olaf Thorsen, Alessio Lucatti, Umberto Giampaoli)

Kalidia recorded its debut album between August and December 2013, again at Eden Studios; the album is mixed and mastered by Alessio Lucatti.

In January 2014, Kalidia and drummer Alessandro decided to part company in mutual understanding; at the end of the same month, Gabriele joined the band as the new drummer.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KalidiaBand

Bandcamp: https://kalidia.bandcamp.com/releases

ReverbNation: http://www.reverbnation.com/kalidia

Kalidia are:

  • Nicoletta Rosellini – Vocals
  • Federico Paolini – Guitar
  • Nicola Azzola – Keyboards
  • Roberto Donati – Bass
  • Gabriele Basile – Drums

Enemy of  Reality

Enemy of Reality

“Enemy of Reality is a joining of regal forces that finally occurred in 2013 in Athens, Greece. Lyric soprano Iliana Tsakiraki, guitarist Steelianos, keyboardist Marianthi, bassist Thanos and drummer Philip Stone each bring something unique to this all-star lineup.

Iliana, the voice behind Meden Agan, released a highly acclaimed studio album (Erevos Aenaon) and EP (Nemesis) with the groundbreaking group before she set her sights on new horizons. She also participated in Septicflesh’s latest studio album, The Great Mass, which was chosen as one of the very best metal albums of 2011. She has shared the stage with Tarja Turunen, Epica, Visions Of Atlantis, Maiden United and many more. She has also performed at the last two installments of Metal Female Voices Fest; MFVF Xl saw Steelianos and Philip take the stage as well with Iliana and Eve’s Apple.

Steelianos, lead guitar, comes to the band from Keado Mores and Steelborn. He is also an accomplished solo artist, and his guitar artistry imprints his unmistakable style onto Enemy of Reality’s songs. Philip Stone is also a veteran of Meden Agan; he takes the drum throne now for EOR and provides a crushing heartbeat to every measure. Bass is held down by Thanos of FM Records’ Chthonian Alchemy, and, rounding the sound out, Marianthe on keyboards makes this band a two-woman outfit.

With the excesses of talent and experience this group has collectively, they are destined to be unstoppable!

Website: http://enemyofreality.com

ReverbNation: http://www.reverbnation.com/enemyofreality

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Enemy-Of-Reality-Official/448138575304840

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EnemyOfReality_

Enemy of Reality are:

  • Iliana – Vocals
  • Steelianos – Guitars
  • Marianthe – Keys
  • Thanos – Bass
  • Philip – Drums