Women of Metal May 2014 Band of the Month

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The Bands


Revontulet was formed in 2008, when the future core of the band, Alexandra Revontulet (songwriting, vocals) and Sergey Zorg (drums), found each other in the Internet. The first line-up was completed by Yury Leshchishen (guitar) and Alexey Kudryashov (bass). But after few months of rehearsing the guys have left the band for personal reasons. During the next two years the line-up changed many times, until finally Maxim Orlov (bass) and Dmitriy Sakharchuk (guitar), who used to play with Zorg in other bands, joined Revontulet in 2010.

Revontulet played many concerts in Moscow region during the period between 2010 and 2011 and entered the studio in June 2012 to record their debut album. The recording of drums, bass and guitars took place at Play Studio, where Alexandra and Sergey worked as sound engineers/producers, and these parts were ready by the autumn of 2012. Vocals and orchestrations were recorded in rough too, and the band released three internet-singles (“Rainheart” – 1 September 2012, “Eternal Autumn” – 5 December 2012 and “Hear Me (Part II)” – 10 March 2013). These songs were warmly received by people all around the world.

By the end of April 2013 Revontulet split ways with Maxim and Dmitriy, but in spite of that, continued working on the album. The violin, viola, cello, flute, choir and vocal parts, recorded at Arcus Records, were finished in July. After that the album was mixed by Alexandra and Sergey, and the final touches were applied by mastering performed by Hiili Hiilesmaa (Yellow House Studio, Finland).
After a year and a half of hard work Revontulet released their debut album “Hear Me” on the 26th of January 2014. And this is only the beginning…


Torn Beloved

Hailing from the Nation’s Capital, Torn Beloved is a female fronted rock quartet, blending elements of modern day rock with a hint of 90’s grunge.

“From the beginning, it was always about creating and capturing pure, raw emotion in our songs” say’s lead singer/rhythm guitarist Josee Martel. Her unique vocals soar over the pounding rhythm and energy that her band mates bring to the forefront. Chad Spaz (lead guitar/vox), Greg Hanson (drums) and Joel Falardeau (bass/vox) bring on the musical rain, delivering with their front woman, a stacked deck of driven melodies and vicious hooks.

The band began in early 2011, hashing out songs and building momentum while playing any and every stage they could find themselves on. They’ve been garnering quite the fan base in Ottawa and surrounding areas with their energetic and compelling live shows, turning spectators into fans and fans into passionate die-hards.

Torn Beloved has been packing 2013 with shows while coming off of a heavy recording schedule at Ottawa studio ‘Soundcreation Studio’, with producer Scott Walsh.

They just released their much anticipated debut EP to a sold out packed house at Cafe Dekcuf on September 27, 2013.

Don’t forget to check out their well received video for their first single Chosen One on their YouTube channel.



Agharti was formed in spring 2009 by the current six members. Due to the difference in their musical influences including grunge, rock and all kinds of metal bands, Agharti has a sound that merges several genres and is not so easy to classify. Most of the music is composed by Alen, Tina and Iva and arranged by the whole band, while the lyrics are written by Tina and Iva.

In spring 2010 Agharti presented their first demo album ‘…thoughts of a sleepless night…’ consisting of 12 tracks, from which some can still be heard live. In May 2010 they won the first prize on a demo bands contest: a studio recording of a single. In March 2011 they played as a support band for Epica, a Dutch symphonic metal band and they got a lot of positive feedback from the critics. They also won the O’Rock demo competition in October 2011. In November 2011 their first professionally recorded demo single is out under the name: ‘Away from here’ featuring three new songs: Away from here, Lost, The end of your domination. Some other notable gigs they played were Metal Camp 2010 in Slovenia and Metalfest 2012 in Croatia.

In summer 2012 they signed with Wormholedeath records and they spent October in Italy recording their first 13-track studio album titled CHANGE.


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