Review of Sanctorum’s The Depths Inside

Sanctorium TDII want to start this review by stating. I suck at writing reviews. But I will say this. I’m a music fan FIRST, a DJ second and reviewer isn’t anywhere on my list.

I am going to start off by telling you the reader that if you like symphonic metal then Sanctorium’s “The Depths Inside” is worth a listen or 50.

The cover (cool artwork BTW) told me this album was going to be a little harder than your typical Symphonic Metal album and I was correct on that assumption. It was harder, but not nearly as hard as I expected, but harder, just not Death Metal hard. Geez… I hope that made some sense.

Daria Zhukova’s vocals are cold…. NO I do NOT mean that in a bad way, she’s an excellent vocalist who’s vocals come across as cold and dark on this album, based on the subject matter it’s fitting. Her vocals work perfectly for what they are doing with this album and go perfectly with Ivan Cornienko‘s growls. Together they make an excellent vocal combination. One I look forward to listening to much more into the future.

Admittedly I am not a big fan of guest vocalist, but in this case I will make a notable exception as my favorite track on the album has Max Morton (MORTON) featured on the track Dragonqueen. A Very powerful track where his bright and powerful vocals work well against Daria’s darker colder vocals.The other track with a guest vocalist “Maid of Lake” features Anastasia Simanskaya (Citadel) together these ladies tear the roof off, I’d love to see this track performed live.


Guitarists Alexey Sherbak and Alexandr Mutin are a strong combo, they work well… very well together and sound like they have been together forever. They can be as calm and sedate or they can shred with the best of them, when required.

Keyboardist Olga Gavrilova is clearly very talented and adds plenty to the Symphonic sound of the band.

Drummer Evgeniy Nosov and Bassist Ilya Wilks are a very strong and competent rhythm section and hold the bottom end without being lost in the shuffle. Nosov is an excellent drummer and his style comes across as pure power, he truly adds to the excitement. Wilks bass playing is sharp and you don’t have to worry about straining your ears to hear what he’s doing.

Overall: I would say this album is worth the price and I would definitely recommend it to any Symphonic Metal or even Power Metal fan. It’s very entertaining (most important) and isn’t an album you’ll get bored with after a listen or two. I can see myself listening to The Depths Inside 5 – 10 years from now.

Would I buy this album? Yes!!!!

On a scale of 1 – 5 I give this album a solid 4


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Lies, Inc’s – Lily Taylor on Women of Metal Radio 2/22/2014


Lily Taylor from Pittsburgh, PA. hard Rockers Lies, Inc joins The Women of Metal Radio Show this Saturday 2/22/2014 at 8pm CST for a discussion about her band and The Female Voices of Metal Fest II which Lies, Inc is a part of.

Tune in live to The Women of Metal Radio Show on Insane Realm Radio EMBRACE THE MADNESS!!!

Believe the Lie!

Lies, Inc. is a four-piece power rock band from Central PA. Featuring an experienced cast of regional all-star talent, Lies, Inc. presents high-energy hard rock originals that bridge a variety of genres and styles.

Combining elements of hard rock, punk, metal, and progressive, Lies, Inc creates serious chops that combine with catchy hooks to create a sound that bridges the gap between musical credibility and commercial accessibility

Lies, Incorporated Mission Statement

To sell the best and worst lies at the absolute greatest value to our customers, regardless of their budget, integrity, or intentions. Lies, Incorporated does one thing better than anyone else: Lie. From price misquotations to overcharged invoices and late deadlines, we promise to overcharge and under-deliver. Inflated expectations met with unsatisfying results… That’s the Lies, Incorporated way.

We promise that our customers will experience unpredictable service (unless we promise unpredictable service, in which case, service will be unpredictably predictable, in a sense making it unpredictable again, as customers are viewing unpredictable services as predictable and… oh, you see what we mean). As always, after the initial service lie, all additional lies are FREE (unless, of course, we decide to charge you).

We are: Liars, fabricators, nullifiers of the truth, and the people your parents warned you about.

We are not: Forthright, honest, candid, or fit to be trusted with the combination to the safe, your secret crush, or the keys to your car.

We are Lies, Incorporated!



Saturday (2/15/2014) Theatrum Mundi and Second Empire on WoM Radio

Theatrum Mundi
Theatrum Mundi

Tune in LIVE to Insane Realm Radio this Saturday (2/15) to the Women of Metal Radio Show. This week Jayson will be interviewing members of our February 2014 Band of the Month Theatrum Mundi about the band, their music and their 2013 release The Eyes of the Realm.

Also joining the show will be Alex Lindsay Roth and Bret Stark from our May 2013 Band of the Month Second Empire, they’ll be talking about their new single “Fascination” and Female Voices of  Metal Fest II.

Alex Lindsay Roth
Alex Lindsay Roth – Second Empire
Bret Stark
Bret Stark – Guitar

Tomorrow (2/13/14) Night on WoM Radio…. Deb Levine from Lady Beast

Deborah Levine - Lady Beast
Deborah Levine – Lady Beast

Tomorrow night Deb Levine from Pittsburgh Metallers LADY BEAST joins host Jayson Shell  on The Women of Metal Radio Show on Insane Realm Radio to discuss her band and the upcoming Female Voices of Metal Fest II in Pittsburgh, PA.

Lady Beast clawed its way into existence in early 2009 as a four piece. As with any new band, early on there were some lineup changes. The band played and slayed until spring of 2011 when we completed our 5 piece line up and polished our heavy metal sound.

In June of 2011 Lady Beast recorded its first self titled album (only on vinyl) and released the metal madness ourselves in the summer of 2012.

Since the release the Beast has been getting some great opportunities, including Inferno Records (FRANCE) releasing the cd and cassette versions of album ( CD including one bonus track which a cover song of Judas Priests “Ram it Down”) and some over seas exposure. Lady Beast lives to rock and we have played everything from brutal basement shows, bars, and higher capacity venues.

The fire has been fueled and now Lady Beast is creating new metal masterpieces…faster and louder than before!

She is hungry and the Beast needs to feed.

beat_33Band members:
Deborah Levine-vocals
Tommy Kinnett-lead guitar
Christopher Tritschler-rhythm guitar
Greg Colaizzi-bass
Adam Ramage-drums

Leeja Stark (STARK) on WoM Radio 2/8/2014

Leeja Stark Live
Leeja Stark Live

Leeja Stark returns to The Women of Metal Show on 2/8/2014 to discuss her band STARK’s recent EP release “House of Eyes” and Female Voices of Metal Fest II coming up 03/01/2014 in Pittsburgh, PA.

Leeja Stark is an industrial metal band from Pittsburgh PA. Formed by lead singer Leeja Stark in early 2013. After a few trial and errors they found almost instant chemistry among current members; Ryan Martin (guitar), Thor Lesnock (drums), and Mitch Meverden (bass). The band has since released a 5 song EP with producer/song writer Bret Stark. They also released their first music video to single Symptoms of Insanity.

Songs about love, hate and the supernatural world, Stark finds inspiration for songs in everyday life. The House of Eyes EP reveals dark lyrics but pop hooks falling into an electro industrial metal realm.

Stark has recently found success through the internet. Their first video receiving over 199,000 youtube views in the first 24 hours. They then went on to become Insane Realm Radio‘s Women of Metal Shows September 2013 band of the month. And were interviewed by various publications nationwide.

You can find Stark playing in and around the PIttsburgh area for the next few months. During this time they will be launching a kickstarter campaign promoting a video series to their first EP. If the series is funded they will begin recording right away and also begin writing and recording a full album.

Leeja Stark (STARK) will be performing at Female Voices of Metal Fest II at Mr. Smalls in Pittsburgh, PA. March 1, 2014 along with Second Empire, Lies, Inc and Lady Beast. For more information or to purchase tickets please visit Sardonyx Productions

Female Voices of Metal 2

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