WITHIN TEMPTATION: Teaser For ‘Whole World Is Watching’ Video Featuring SOUL ASYLUM’s DAVE PIRNER

Within Temptation World is Watching
Within Temptation World is Watching

A teaser for “Whole World Is Watching”, the new video from Dutch symphonic rockers WITHIN TEMPTATION, can be seen below. The full clip will make its online debut next week.

“Whole World Is Watching”, the third single from WITHIN TEMPTATION‘s new album, “Hydra”, features a guest appearance by SOUL ASYLUM frontman Dave Pirner. It is a power ballad about facing and conquering your fears.

“When we wrote ‘Whole World Is Watching’, Dave was at the very top of our list,” said WITHIN TEMPTATION singer Sharon Den Adel. “He has such a captivating voice: it made the song exactly how it needed to be.”

“Hydra” will be released on January 31. The album will be available in several luxury formats. The cover artwork was created by Romano Molenaar (“X-Men”, “Batman”, “The Unforgiving”).

Pre-order “Hydra” via iTunes now, and you will instantly receive the first two singles: “Dangerous”, featuring a guest appearance by former KILLSWITCH ENGAGE singer Howard Jones and “Paradise (What About Us?)” featuring ex-NIGHTWISH singer Tarja Turunen.

The digital premium album, complete with digi-booklet, will be available on iTunes and includes 18 audio tracks and a music video. The digital premium album features bonus “Evolution Versions” of four new songs, which contain audio commentary from guitarist Robert Westerholt and Sharon and give you unique access to the development of the songs, their lyrical inspiration and the sound of the initial demos and vocals.

“Hydra” digital premium album track listing:

01. Let Us Burn
02. Dangerous (feat. Howard Jones)
03. And We Run (feat. Xzibit
04. Paradise (What About Us?) (feat. Tarja)
05. Edge Of The World
06. Silver Moonlight
07. Covered By Roses
08. Dog Days
09. Tell Me Why
10. Whole World Is Watching (feat. Dave Pirner)
11. Radioactive (originally performed by IMAGINE DRAGONS)
12. Summertime Sadness (originally performed by Lana del Ray)
13. Let Her Go (originally performed by PASSENGER)
14. Dirty Dancer (originally performed by Enrique Iglesias)
15. And We Run (evolution track)
16. Silver Moonlight (evolution track)
17. Covered By Roses (evolution track)
18. Tell Me Why (evolution track)
19. Paradise (What About Us?) (feat. Tarja) music video (exclusive to iTunes premium version)

Aside from the digital premium version, “Hydra” will also be released in a deluxe box set including exclusive items many of you have been asking for, for a long time:

“Hydra” deluxe box set

* “Hydra” 18-track album including bonus tracks in the form of a media book with a hot foil print cover, featuring a 100-page booklet consisting of unique photos
* Double gatefold black vinyl version of the album including bonus tracks
* Instrumental version of the entire album
* Songbook with sheet music of the songs of the album
* “Hydra” guitar pick
* Packaged in an especially designed LP-sized box

In a recent interview with Ultimate-Guitar.com, Sharon stated about the songwriting process for “Hydra”“: “A lot of bands were inspired by the ’80s at the time we were writing ‘The Unforgiving’ album. There was a lot of music based on the ’80s coming out and it had a lot of ’80s flavors. With this new album, even though we’re only a few years further up the road, you can feel that music has changed again. Music is not inspired on the ’80s, but more like there are different influences in the music again. Music’s always organic, and you feel things are changing comfortably.”

She added: “When people asked us after ‘The Unforgiving’, ‘Are you gonna make another ‘Unforgiving’ album?” we said, ‘Of course.’ Because we were really full of it in a positive way. We really like the album a lot and still do like it a lot but we really feel there’s an ’80s feel to the songs. When we started writing this album, again we felt like we were already knowing we were gonna go a different direction also.”

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HUNTRESS Singer Gets ‘Brutal Case Of Food Poisoning’

Bad Food Poisoning
Bad Food Poisoning?

Singer Jill Janus of the Los Angeles-based, occult-themed traditional heavy metal band HUNTRESS has posted the following message on the group’s Facebook page:

“My beloved Hamburg [Germany], tonight for the very first time got a brutal case of food poisoning. I suspect a lamb chop.

“I display my humility and honesty for your viewing. (See photo)

“This is the reality of tour life. And those socks!

“Will someone help me out and get this sick bitch some decent socks?

“I’m out of mind (duh) but need you.

“The fans who came to see HUNTRESS tonight [as the support act for LAMB OF GOD], please know how much I LOVE YOU. I might barf all night, but I’m thinking of you inside my porcelain throne.

“Anyone who attended the show at the Rock Cafe tonight, e-mail me at info@huntresskills.com and I will write you a personal note + send you a HUNTRESS patch.

“Now, back to the puke party.”

HUNTRESS‘ sophomore album, “Starbound Beast”, was released on June 28, 2013 in Europe and on July 2, 2013 in North America via Napalm Records. The CD was recorded at Hobby Shop Studios in Los Angeles with producer Chris “Zeuss” Harris (SHADOWS FALL, HATEBREED, MUNICIPAL WASTE). The cover artwork for the effort was once again created by Vance Kelly (THE SWORD, GRAVEYARD, HIGH ON FIRE, PENTAGRAM, ALICE IN CHAINS, AVENGED SEVENFOLD, DEATH ANGEL), who previously worked on the group’s debut album, 2012’s “Spell Eater”.
Credit: http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/huntress-singer-gets-brutal-case-of-food-poisoning/#10hKgBGmWGTG45Bk.99

Delain Announces Release Date for “The Human Contradiction”

Delain The Human Contradiction
Delain The Human Contradiction

We are proud to announce the release date, cover art and tracklist of our new record: “The Human Contradiction”

We are really excited about the new tracks and can’t wait to share them with you! Keep an eye on this page for more news about the new record, including which guest musicians you can expect to hear. More information is coming soon! You can check the cover art, and read the tracklist below.

“The Human Contradiction” will be released on the following dates:
Switzerland, April 4, 2014
UK, Rest of Europe: April 7, 2014
USA and Canada: April 8, 2014
Japan, ANZ, South America, Russia: TBA
“The Human Contradiction”

1. Here Come The Vultures
2. Your Body Is A Battleground
3. Stardust
4. My Masquerade
5. Tell Me, Mechanist
6. Sing To Me
7. Army Of Dolls
8. Lullaby
9. The Tragedy Of The Commons

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