Help stOrk hatch their new baby!

stOrk Broken Pieces
stOrk Broken Pieces

stOrk needs you!!!!!

stOrk is in the final weeks of our fundraising effort….And we’ve still got a long way to go!

Benefits of donating:

1. This is your opportunity to be c

oolest mother/father/aunt/uncle/boyfriend/girlfriend on the PLANET by scoring unique musical gifts for your donation!

2. You are helping to make music outside the mainstream accessible!!! If the radio offerings are driving you INSANE, this is your chance to help balance the scales!

3. It’s just good karma ….and a mitzvah! 😉

“But what does it SOUND like?” Check out the update videos below and on the IndieGogo page to hear snippets of the new songs on our CD, ‘Broken Pieces’, and to get all the info on who and what stOrk is!

We only have one more month to reach our goal; please consider tossing a coin in our coffer- and/or sharing our link on your wall/feed! Thanks to everyone who has donated so far, and Happy Holidays!!!!!

Click HERE for the IndieGogo page!