Linda Lou (Marishi Ten) on WoM Show 8/4/2013

Linda Lou
Linda Lou
Marishi Ten Guitars and Vocals

Linda Lou from Hollywood Rockers Marishi Ten joins Jayson for a chat about music, her band, upcoming EP and a lot more.

Saturday August 3 at 8pm CST only on Insane Realm Radio.

MARISHI TEN | vintage metal for a new era of rock

Marishi Ten formed as 2011 turned into 2012, sparked by the desire of Linda Lou (former front woman and guitarist of the all female rock outfit Cockpit) to concieve a band that would encompass the foremost
characterists of time-honored metal and hard rock

Joined by drummer Patrick Martin, lead guitarist John Hatfield, and bassist Carl Raether, Marishi Ten has done just that.

After the success of their 2013 recording Kickstarter campaign, Marishi Ten began working in the studio to create their debut EP “Dawning”. This hard rock project rooted in classic metal influences is sure to forge its way into new territory.

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