Celestial Ruin Interview from July 6, 2013

Interview with Celestial Ruin by Jayson Shell on Mixcloud

Larissa Dawn - Vocals
Larissa Dawn – Vocals

The new international sensation Celestial Ruin is styled after European Symphonic Metal but executed with a decidedly North American flavor. Featuring members from 3 different countries Celestial Ruin’s sound combines heavy rock rhythms and riffs with catchy, singable melodies, and rich symphonic textures, the likes of which have never been heard before. The combination is “epic” by all accounts. Lyrical themes are drawn from fantasy and horror, sometimes implying deeper meanings, sometimes just celebrating the subject matter. Celestial Ruin’s live performance is close to the recording but organically so. They shun the use of backing tracks and drum machines, performing every aspect of the music live. Their music is written as organically as it is performed, a completely collaborative effort on the part of all project members. Based out of Vancouver, Celestial Ruin is taking the scene by storm with their recently released debut album “The Awakening”. Receiving favorable reviews in publications such as Rockstar Weekly Magazine professing a 4/5 star rating declaring, “If The Awakening is only the beginning of things to come, you’d best get on board now while the getting’s good.”

Celestial Ruin
Celestial Ruin – June 2013 Band of the Month

After a successful 2012 summer tour Celestial Ruin was offered many opportunities that included opening slots with Stone Temple Pilots and being a featured performer for Vancouver Alternative Fashion Week and Stunt Buxx online game show, out of the box endorsement deals with multiple tattoo shops. Celestial Ruin is always looking for the next unique avenue to expose their distinctive sound. “We play in the grey area of rock music, we are too heavy for rock, but not heavy enough for metal” quotes front woman Larissa Dawn. This is a praise that has been mirrored in many live reviews including beat route magazine stating, “Celestial Ruin appears to be in a subgenre scene of one…their differences are working to their advantage”


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