LEAH - January 2013 BOTM

LEAH is an emerging Canadian songwriter. Buy her new debut album HERE: http://www.leahmusic.bandcamp.com/ Also on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/of-earth-angels/id524834071

“Ethereal vocals, layered harmonies, powerful chord progressions and unpredictable notations that keep you somewhere between on the edge of your seat and in a state of hypnotism.”

The art of LEAH is one of diverse influence: Haunting celtic melodies, mysterious eastern vibes, heavy symphonic rhythm, and most of all… A voice that will utterly enchant and inspire you.Visit http://www.leahthemusic.com/ for more about LEAH.

YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/leahthemusic/videos?view=0

Some have described LEAH’s debut album, Of Earth & Angels as “heavy metal Enya”, and others as “Loreena McKennitt with distortion”. Whatever her influences, one thing is for sure: LEAH’s voice will play the strings of the most brutal of hearts, causing them to melt into submission. From soulful, spiritual ballads to folk-tale operatic blast beats, to more mainstream rock singles, “Of Earth & Angels” is sure to impress the skeptic, and is already beckoning the rest of the world to take notice.”

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