Anne Autumn Erickson Upon Wings Interview

Anne “Autumn” Erickson

Upon Wings is our November 2012 Band of the Month and. This month we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Anne “Autumn” Erickson lead vocalist and driving force behind Upon Wings.

WOM: Hi Anne, Since a large number of people still haven’t heard of Upon Wings. Tell them a little bit about the band and yourself.

Anne: Hey, Jayson, thanks so much for the opportunity to be featured on the Women of Metal show and site. We’re very excited to have won the November Band of the Month contest. Upon Wings is out of Michigan in the U.S. I’m the frontwoman and pretty much spearhead the group.

WOM: Who are some of the musicians who performed on The Dream with you?

Anne:  That was Glenn Brown and me. He’s is a Michigan producer who has worked with some great bands, including Evans Blue, the Verve Pipe and Iggy Pop, just to name a few.

WOM: Who are some of your personal influences?

Anne:  A really wide variety of music has influenced me as a musician. Musicals such as “Phantom of the Opera” and “Les Miserables” were a huge influence growing up. I also really enjoy AFI, especially their album “Sing the Sorrow.” It has such beautiful instrumentation and gothic textures.

WOM: I’ve talked to many women who have said it’s very difficult for a woman to be a metal musician. Have you found that to be the case?

Anne:  You know, so far, every male musician with whom I’ve worked has treated me as an equal. I haven’t noticed it being more difficult, but I might notice it more in the future. We’ll see!

WOM: So you feel that the ladies are more respected now than they were years ago?

Anne:  I do! I certainly feel respected as a female artist, thus far. It’s great to see bands featuring female members doing well.

WOM: Any plans for a full length album or an EP?

Anne:  Yes! We plan to release an EP in 2013, and we’re close to announcing the details, but not there yet. It will be soon, though! We worked with some amazingly talented musicians on the new music, too.

WOM: What’s the writing process like for Upon Wings? Is it something that’s an ongoing process? Do you just write when you have to get into the studio and record a CD?

Anne:  It’s an ongoing process. Sometimes inspiration will come in the middle of the night, and sometime it’s just at normal times during the day. You never know. I usually write down lyrics when they come to me, and then, eventually, an idea for a song forms out of them.

WOM: Any shows on the horizon that you would like to share with our readers?

Anne:  Not yet, but we are hoping to play some nice gigs in 2013.

WOM: Any other news about Upon Wings you would like to share with our readers?

Anne:  We’re just really grateful to our supporters. Our first single, “The Dream,” has been so well-received. It means a lot to see how people have related to the song and to have all of you supporting our music and dreams after hearing “The Dream.” I’m excited for everyone to hear the new music in 2013. Also, thank you, again, Jayson for your support! God bless! Here’s how to find Upon Wings online:, and

Thank you Anne, good luck and we look forward to hearing more from Upon Wings in 2013.